A Lovely Day

Today was handweight day, so I laid in bed a little while longer, dreading feeling I had got in a fight and lost. But I got up, got Moo up and we set out to “do the damn thang” lol. After all, We had some breading to burn off (Watermelon Festival – fried crabs- don’t judge me lol). The first lap went by pretty quickly and we were all smiles and high-fiving each other. Oh, but that second lap….was harder, much harder than the first. And during one of our walking intervals, Moo told me that he felt like his mind and spirit were saying “Stop” but his body was saying “keep going.” I explained to him that because his mind  and spirit tells his body what to do, perhaps he should pray that his mind and spirit become stronger than his body, then he can tell his body to do the right things more often. We finished our walk listening to “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers and that seemed to make us both happy. These are the thoughts I had while working out with Moo: 1) The other day, I talked about taking the weights of life off and giving them to God, so we can run the race of life better and more peaceful…2) And doesn’t that sound wonderful, not to have to worry about things and let God handle everything? 3) Sometimes, though, through our own actions/sins/etc, we are left with the consequences of the same sins that God has forgiven us for and has forgotten about; 4) And running with that consequence is part of our lives, because God never said you would not suffer the consequence of sin, just that he would give you peace and comfort in life; 5) So today, as Moo and I run with the consequence of overindulgence and poor food choices, we run, not with condemnation, but with peace, knowing that we are doing what is pleasing to God (taking better care of our bodies,mind, and spirits) and knowing that everyday we open our eyes will be a “lovely day”…

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