God and the Roller Coaster

I went walking sans Moo this morning, who decided last night that a night with grandma was more enticing than staying home. Which was fine with me. I looked forward to some alone time during my walk. So I am walking and thinking and I think that since next year will be me and Paul’s 20th wedding anniversary, maybe we should do something big, like a renewal or a big party or something. So I continue to think about it and daydream about it. And flashes of my wedding day come back as well as pics that we took that day. However, one pic stood out in my mind: Me and Paul with our heads together, with big Kool-Aid grins, encased in a heart. Bless our hearts, we were so young then, and so excited about being married and life in general. We didn’t realize that we were getting on a roller coaster that would take us through exhilarating highs and valley lows, that sometimes life would punch you in the stomach one minute and make you feel like you won the lottery in the next minute. But here we are, 19 years later, older, wiser, a little beat up….but still together and still loving each other. Then I thought about how our relationship with God is like that – we start out so excited about God, we are on fire and ready to get out there and be “Super Christian”. But then life happens, and we are knocked around a bit, sometimes a lot. And then sometimes you feel so close to God that there seems to be no room for anyone/anything else. The difference, though, is that because God is God, we should have confidence in knowing that even though life may throw us around, our feelings or  perceptions need not change, because He never changes.

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