The Hand Of God

While I was ironing the boys clothes this morning, in the quiet of the day, I started thinking back over my life. And I reflected upon one constant – the Hand of God has been interwoven into the fabric of my life. I have often heard older people say, “If I die today, it will be okay, because God has been good to me.” As I pass the 40 year mark, I can now truly appreciate what they were saying. As I look back over my life events, they have been marked by joyous highs and some terrible lows, some “I can do anything!” times to “Oh Lord, what am I gonna do?” times,  to what I call a status quo life, nothing too high or low going on, just regular life. But through it all, He has been there, loving me when I wasn’t paying Him no mind, protecting me when I had no thought of protecting myself, guiding me when I had no clue of what to do, listening as I poured out my troubles, allowing trials to enter my life so that I could be strengthened. On the flip side, He has also been there to bless my dreams to come to pass, to give me a gift of the love of family and friends, to allow me to bless others through the words He gives me to give to others. So, in my heart of hearts, I feel like He is not through with me yet, that there is still much that He expects me to do, but like our elders say, if He takes me today, I won’t complain, because the Hand of God has been on me.

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