They’re Alive!!

I had an experience that I forgot to share!! About a week ago, I am walking around the outside of my house, looking at my flowerbeds and lamenting that I had not gotten to do all the things I normally do in them. I said a prayer that next year I will be able to plant flowers galore and actually feel up to the arduous tasks that go along with the upkeep of flowerbeds. I arrived to the back of my house, where I have hanging baskets in the flowerbeds. Ok, here’s a bit of history about the hanging baskets. Last year, I bought pieces of a hanging plant at a yard sale and placed them in these pots, along with some vincas, and they turned out beautifully. Last fall, following my mother’s advice, I put the baskets in my garage, hoping that the hanging plants would survive. When Spring came back around this year, I went to the garage to get my baskets to put them on the shepherd’s hooks. I was stopped in my tracks when I saw that the plants had totally dried up. Not to be deterred, I dead headed what I could and still put them outside. And over the days, weeks, and months, the hanging plants began to come back to life. I knew the vincas would not come back, because they are annuals, but in my heart of hearts, I wished they would. This year I could not plant my beloved vincas, so I took comfort in seeing my neighbors vincas as I walked around the neighborhood. Anyway, when I looked at the baskets last week, guess what I saw? VINCAS!!! I was so happy I laughed and screamed and then laughed at myself as I looked around to see if any neighbors heard me. These are the lessons I learned: 1) Sometimes we think the dreams we have are dead, dumb dreams that will never come true…2) And with your fleshly eye, they appear dead….3) But God is listening to your heart, your prayers, your desires….3) And if we stand in faith, He will take what others thought was dead, revive whatever it is (relationship, mental health, physical health, finances, etc), and make it alive and whole once again…..

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