The Little Things….

I did my usual this morning. I woke up, but laid in bed for a few minutes. I do this mind game thing where I try to guess what time of morning it is by turning over and looking through the blinds in my room. I know, it would be easier to just look at my clock, but that’s too much like right. And besides, if it’s still a little dark outside, that makes me soooo happy, because then I know that I have a little more time in bed. Anyway, I wake Moo up and announce that we are going on our “new route” today, and that seems to energize him. Moo is an inquisitive child. He loves learning new facts, which he then spends the day sharing with others lol. So we start on our new route and as Moo is explaining why trees only grow a certain height (he learned this fact on the weather channel lol), I look around and I realize that I am noticing new things on our new path that I didn’t notice the other day – elephant ear flowers, unpainted trim on a house, vincas, etc. We finished up our walk on familiar ground, closer to our home. And as we passed a familiar magnolia tree, I see two new blooms, and I am overcome with emotion and I am not sure why. Moo then gives me my first laugh of the day as he tells me, “Ma, if the Lord didn’t send a mighty breeze yesterday!” We finally finish our walk and high-five each other because we have completed a 2 mile day, and we are proud of ourselves. And then it hit me. My emotions came from the fact that I am grateful this morning for the little things – being able to see and smell the magnolias, being able to walk with Moo and learn random facts, being able to notice new things on our new route. I know there are times in our lives when we are struggling, feeling overwhelmed with the pressures of life, but if we could take some time to notice the little things, we will feel grateful to be here one more day, even in the midst of the struggle…..

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