Getting My Own Way

I woke up and heard “Go walking today”, so off I went. I decided to walk to the gas station at the end of the main street I live off of. Moo and I had discussed walking that way, so I thought now is as good a time as any to find out how far it would be to walk from our house to the store. As I was walking, I started praying, but I decided that I would not ask God for anything, but instead just thank Him and worship Him today. And I would laugh at myself, because I would catch myself asking and then redirect myself. I would tell myself that God knows what I need, what my fam and friends need, so just focus on the walk. I continued walking and thanking Him for past blessings and present blessings and the great times in my life and the not so great times, and that’s when it hit me: He wants to know who I am, He wants me to know who I am, without all the extra, when I am not getting my own way, when I am not controlling the outcome. He wants me to learn that there is strength in humility, that me controlling everything is just fear, and that if I am always getting my own way, then something is wrong, because His way is the only way that matters. And as usual, I laugh at myself, because that’s the only thing left to do, other than apologize for my behavior and ask God to forgive me. I look around and I see that Team Pruden is still Team Pruden, Team Holley is still ride or die, my friends are still my friends,  I have been blessed with a couple of new ones that rock,  and that God is still God….now I have to continue to work on KP 2.0, the version that is still the same, even if she doesn’t get her own way….

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