A Kinder, Gentler KP

When Moo and I got outside this morning, I announce that we are starting our version of interval training this week. Moo seemd excited, so off we go, jogging a while, walking a while….during one of our walking episodes, Moo tells me that he really needs to burn some calories today, because he had some ice cream yesterday at the church’s ice cream social. And the weirdest thing happened – I did not chastise him or explain how important it is for him to stay away from sweets or anything like that. I just told him that it was no need to beat himself up over it, all he can do is move forward from that mistake and pray that he can make better life choices. We keep going, making plans for the rest of the week and the week after that, getting excited about the progress we have made so far. When we get in the house, Moo tells his father about the ice cream. Paul is the calm one, so he simply says that Moo knows what he has to do, it’s up to him to do it – that’s Paul, simple, straight up, no chaser. These are the thoughts that I had about this episode of “My Life with Moo” lol – 1) When we sin, when we stray and want to come back to Him, He is gentle and accepting. We feel his love, grace, and mercy as we make another attempt to live life as He would have it; 2) That is not to say that there is not a consequence for our sin, but what is certain is that He is there with us, guiding us, comforting us when we need it; 3) And He will always be there, whether we “act right” or not, but life is better when we acknowledge Him and live by His guidance. 4) I don’t know if Moo will be able to play football this year, but I want him to know that no matter what, I will be here, continuing to support him, continuing to workout with him and encourage him. 5) So I will continue on this journey of a kinder, gentler KP 2.0, knowing that I am a continual work in progress and excited about where this journey will take me….

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