Do It Alone

Yesterday, Moo and I worked out a bit harder than we anticipated. Then I worked, ran errands, cooked dinner, and so on. I was still hurting from the workout, so I took 2 aleve and went to sleep. Of course, because this is KP’s world, I woke up late. I woke Moo up and told him that we didn’t have time to do a lot today, because I woke up late, so let’s get to work. After waiting for him for 5 minutes, he yelled down to me to go ahead and get started, that he would catch up. I started out walking and I looked for him for a while, but gave up after I didn’t see him. I just focused on walking and thinking, but not the “stinking thinking” that I have become accustomed to doing and fighting. I only got a chance to go one mile today and that made me kinda sad, but anywho life goes on. I went in the house and who was sitting on the couch, Moo. He explained that he went walking, but he never saw me. His environment looked like he had been walking: there were discarded shoes and clothes by his feet that were not there yesterday. So I accepted his explanation and prepared for work. These are the thoughts that I had while walking: 1) Many times in life you start out with a big group of people: family, friends, co-workers, church family, etc. 2) And you all do a lot of things together and it feels good to be a part of that and it energizes you to complete the tasks of life; 3) But sometimes, because of your choice or the choices made by others, you find yourself alone to walk this journey called life. 4) It can be scary, because who wants to do anything alone, right? 5) But as Ruth Holley (my wise mother) has always told me, it is better to be alone and have peace than to be in a “bunch of mess” with a lot of people. 6) And it has taken me some time, but I think that I am finally getting what she is saying; 7) So, today if you are facing a decision of whether a person/living situation/job/etc is no longer giving you peace, pray for direction, and if you are hearing “move” or “change” or something indicative of no longer being in that situation, do it. You may look back at your old situation, and be tempted to stop and chase it again. You may be afraid that the new way will not work out, but don’t let that fear keep you from peace. You may be alone physically, but as long as you have Him, you will never truly be alone…

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