Friends and Football

So, just like I promised Moo last night, I woke him up this am and we went walking. He has Rec League Football coming up in the fall, which is amazingly only 8 weeks away (where does time go???). His goal is to lose weight and get physically fit so that he doesn’t get an “X” put on his helmet. An “X” on his helmet means that he is a certain weight and that he will not be able to advance the ball – the premise being that because of his size, he may hurt the other kids. He has had an “x” on his helmet for a couple of seasons now, and as he puts it, “I don’t want to be boxed in by the X – I want to have the option of whether I can  handle the ball or not.” That is a direct quote – Moo has been called an “old soul” by many.

So we decided to walk around the big circle in our neighborhood, which equals a mile, so that we can slowly get back in the habit of daily fitness. As we are walking, we pass a house and Moo looks at it and looks kinda sad and I ask him what’s wrong. And he goes on to explain that some of his friends live there, but they have had a “falling out” (another direct quote lol) and he has not been back. So in true detective form, I ask him questions about the whole situation so that I could try to figure out what was happening.  I explained that sometimes friends have conflicts, but that over time, it may figure itself out and you become friends again, or he may be able to have a conversation with them where he can tell them how he feels, they can tell him how they feel, and it can be worked out. If that doesn’t happen, you try to learn from the experience and move forward, praying that God sends you good friends and that you are a good friend to those people. He seemed to be listening intently as I talked, so I hoped I helped.

As a mother, it hurts to see him struggle with friendships, but I know all too well that friendships come and go….you nurture the ones worth nurturing and discard the ones that are not healthy. And sometimes there is joy and pain in all of that….As we walked on in silence, I prayed that he would be ok, that God would send him good friends, and that he would always be a great friend to those that love him.


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