Monkey on My Back

I mean it never fails…..every morning when I wake up, that monkey IMMEDIATELY jumps on my back….the monkey of negative thoughts and “what ifs”. This monkey has been my constant companion, seemingly for years. I can’t  tell you when he arrived, what sparked his appearance – all I can tell you is that he is here, he is big, and he is getting on my nerves….so this morning when I was walking, I found the monkey speaking to me, whispering all the negative thoughts he could think of, making my fist clench and my stomach ache, even though I was walking, trying to improve my health and help Moo reach his fitness goals. I was able to catch myself and push the thoughts out of my mind…however, that gets tiring and when you are emotionally tired, the monkey seems to be more insistent. So today, I will say an extra prayer for that monkey…to go away and not come back….. 

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