Special Needs Dads Rock!

Special needs dads are the silent heroes of our world. They are rarely given the credit they are due for their hard work, sacrifice, and unflinching love they have for their children.

Paul Pruden Jr is our special needs dad extraordinaire. As a father to one son with autism and one son with ADHD, his road has not been easy. Many fathers find the task of raising neurodiverse children too difficult and retreat. Paul and I have been in the trenches together the ENTIRE time, figuring life out, fighting for our kids, and loving each other. Paul has been active in every aspect of their lives, including school and IEP meetings. He is a quiet man, but when he speaks, he means what he says, especially when it comes to his sons.

No couple/family is perfect, least of all ours. But this I know for sure: our sons are loved with a perfect love; they are protected fiercely against those who want to hurt them; he is who they need to be good men in this life.

Thank you for holding us down P! We love and appreciate all you do!❤️💙

Paul, Aaron and Bryant during a trip to Chicago.

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