Corona Survivor Series – My Parents Had COVID-19

Today’s blog in my Corona Survivor Series was written by our youngest son. Bryant. COVID-19, like many illnesses, affects more than just the person afflicted. He was brave enough to share what he experienced as his father and I fought the coronavirus. Thank you Bryant, for sharing your thoughts with us and the world. We love you!

Hearing that my parents actually had COVID-19 was such a world shocker. It sent a flow of emotions all at once that I could only convey with swift action in order to take care of them. From the get go, I was vigilant, asking questions about how they felt, bringing them anything they needed in order to make them comfortable. For me, taking care of my parents was a priority from the beginning. I love my parents very much, so it only felt natural to take care of them because they have done so much for me.

My mom is a therapist and loves to have “deep conversations. We both love the beach 🏖.
My dad loves football just as much as I do. He taught me how to be a good lineman, just like he was.

As the virus progressed and the symptoms worsened, I started thinking more and more about not only their futures, but me and brother’s future as well. One of the most chilling questions I have ever heard my mom ask was directly to me. As she was sitting on the bed in a cold sweat, she looked directly at me and asked “what is the plan for you and Aaron if me and your dad don’t make it through this?”. Among everything that I felt in that moment, the one emotion that showed was a certain type of uncertainty. It was the type of uncertainty that came with a fear of the unknown. I was uncertain because for the first time in my life, I actually had to think about what I would do if my parents weren’t here. It was scary, but I could only tell the truth and say to her that I didn’t know what I would do for me and Aaron. Even though my mom asked that almost a month ago, I still think about it almost everyday.

My older brother, Aaron and me. We both took care of mom and dad when they were sick.

About two and a half weeks later, we started noticing gradual improvements with my mom and dad. Breathing became easier and less painful, the chronic aching was starting to reside, and food was easier to eat and digest. Both my mom and dad are fully recovered and back to their daily routines. Even though I was taking care of my mom and dad full time, I was able to scoop some time for myself and realize that I was learning life lessons. I figured out how to grocery shop for a household, how to take care of others, and how to communicate with people that don’t have the power to say everything they need to say. I am so thankful that my parents are here today, and that I could be here today to write this article.

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