Structure in an Autism Family

Upon first glance, this looks like any shelf you may see in any laundry room. But if you look closer, there is an order here that works for Team Pruden.

Early on, we learned that in order for Aaron to live a more peaceful environment, life had to be predictable. I know, life has surprises. But if we think about our environment, there are certain events we can predict will happen with certainty.
Laundry is one of those “predictable events.” It happens on a regular basis and we pretty much do it the same way each time, right? We learned early on Aaron is a visual learner. To that end, we have incorporated visual aids to help him complete tasks. If you look at the items from left to right, they are used in order of how we perform laundry: detergent first, fabric softener next, vinegar and baking soda are for really stinky clothes, and dryer sheets are for the dryer. This arrangements make for an easier laundry experience, not just for Aaron, but for the whole family.
It’s simple efforts like this that can make Spectrum Life a bit easier. If you’re interested in learning more, stay tuned. I will be sharing tips on a regular basis to help our community thrive……. #TheAutismLady

Our laundry area

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