Create Your Village and Go!

I often refer to my family as a team. People have wondered aloud to me, “I don’t see you guys socialize with a lot of folks.”

If I surmise that the inquiring person is not being sarcastic (because sometimes people are), I explain our decision. Early on in Aaron’s life, while we were met with support, well wishers, and other positive reactions, we were also met with blaming, disbelief in his diagnosis, nasty comments, and lack of support or understanding. Paul and I decided early on to take our supporters and move forward. Focusing on anything else would be counterproductive to our common goal: making sure Our family’s needs were met, especially Aaron’s.

Taking care of each other, especially a family member with challenges, takes a focus and energy that requires dedication and faithfulness. This may lead to a lack of outside experiences, interests, and relationships. But those who know what’s going on with us understand; after all, they are on the journey with us.

One of the definitions of Team is, “A group of people with a full set of complimentary skills required to complete a task, job, or project.”

We are a team. We have always worked together with our supports to help Aaron and that’s been our singular focus. That may mean that sometimes other things may have fallen to the wayside, but as a team, we have adjusted and kept it moving. Don’t feel guilty for taking care of your team. Don’t allow other people’s opinions make you change your decisions.

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