New Day, New Mercies

This morning’s walk was absolutely awesome! Let me back up a minute. Yesterday, moo came in and told me that he saw the magnolia blossoms on a tree in our neighborhood. We discussed how that tree seemed to be full of blossoms, but the other magnolia trees had not produced as of yet. Ok, back to this morning. I had a great time smelling the magnolias and other flowers in the neighborhood. I marveled at the fact that in just one day, one of my daylilies produced a gazillion blooms, and I thought about why that particular magnolia tree was already blooming while the other ones had not. These are the thoughts I had this morning: 1) The magnolia tree full of blooms is receiving direct sunlight all day, while the other ones are crowded by other trees and only receive minimal sun each day; 2) The principle is the same with us. Exposure to God brings blessings; lack of exposure leaves us in darkness; we fail to reach our full potential because we are failing to receive his love, mercy, and grace; 3) Don’t be afraid to share your faith with your children. They will become just as excited as you and share your love of God; 4) Life with God brings unexpected blessings, oftentimes in the blink of an eye. Happy hump day everybody!!!


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