Don’t Stop Pruning

I woke up this morning and heard it…..rain!!! my flowers needed this natural rain. It’s something about rain that just makes flowers really grow!!! So after Aaron informed me that it had been raining since early this morning I became panicked. Some of my containers that I have in my beds do not have holes in them, so the soil and plants might drown! I rushed outside to see if I needed to bring them inside the screened porch until it finished raining. Luckily, I only saw one container that was retaining water; the rest were ok. On my way back into the house, I looked at my rose bush. And I was amazed at what I saw. Weeks ago, I pruned my rose and hydrangea bushes, hoping for new growth. As the initial weeks went by, I was afraid I had pruned too much because I didn’t see ANY growth. But in the last few weeks, I became encouraged as I started to see green leaves growing. Yesterday, I saw rose blooms, and this morning, they had actually opened up!!!! I stood there in amazement, then I realized I was getting rained on kinda hard, so I ran in the house, but with a big smile on my face. These are the thoughts I had: 1) When we attempt to do better, become better, be the people that God wants us to be, often we will have to leave behind behavior, people and circumstances; 2) So we prune those things; 3) And that pruning process, while necessary, can be painful, hurtful, and lonely (we miss what we had, even though it no longer serves a purpose in our lives and was hurtful); 4) But hold tight, you will benefit from the pruning; you will see the benefit from cleaning your life out; 5) the pruning allows God to get in your life and work; 6) And He will produce blessings of which you have never dreamed of, all because you were obedient and got to pruning. Now I got to put holes in these containers!!!!! Happy Friday everyone! Be safe in this weather!! See MoreKP - Straight, No Chaser, Divinely Inspired's photo.Image

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