Stop and Smell the Roses

In The Process of Becoming, Part 2

I never really know when I go walking when these thoughts will hit me: sometimes as soon as I walk out the door, sometimes when I am nearing the end of a walk. Either way, I am grateful to be blessed by them, so here goes…..

Shortly after I started my walk this morning, I looked to my left and noticed that my neighbor’s apple and pear trees were green and majestic. I daydreamed about the fruit they would soon bear and all the stewed apples/apple jacks/pear preserves that Nana would be making and I would be eating.

Later on, I was walking on the back side of my neighborhood, in full stride. A smell almost knocked me out and I looked for the source of it – roses and honeysuckles!! And of course along the way I had my daily dose of magnolia, which always brings a smile to my face and soul.

These are the thoughts I had from my walk today:
1) In your process of becoming a new person, with new thoughts/behaviors/companions, etc., you will have times of uncertainty, weariness, and loneliness;
2) Sometimes you may need to daydream about what your life will be like when you reach your goal, and that can help you press on.
3) When the peace of God engulfs your life, you will be amazed at what you notice that you hadn’t noticed before, because you spent so much time worrying/trying to fix things. Let the peace of God fill your heart, soul, and mind so that you can notice the roses, magnolias, and honeysuckles of life….

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