Walking in the Rain

So today I set out to walk ( I know that sounds country lol) and I looked up at the clouds. They were mighty dark and I thought maybe I shouldn’t walk today because it might rain. But I continued on a bit. Then I thought I felt rain drops and I started to just walk around the small circle in my neighborhood. But then I heard clear as day, “Walk around the big circle”, so I continued to walk around the big circle. I prayed, “Lord, please don’t let it rain. And if You do want it to rain, please don’t let me get pneumonia.” And about 30 seconds after starting to go that way, it started to rain. And in true KP fashion, I started laughing – at myself, at the rain, just laughing. And also in true KP fashion, I started looking for a short cut home. But then I stopped looking and just kept walking. And even though it was raining, I focused on the magnolias and the honeysuckles and the passing neighbors, anything but the rain. The rain stopped as I was ending my first mile. I smiled at myself because I was proud that I kept walking. These are the thoughts that I had this morning: 1) What is your first reaction when a trial comes? 2) Do you run from it or prepare yourself to walk through it? 3) Our gut reaction can sometimes be to run, but if you run, trust me, the lesson you are supposed to learn will just turn up again in another situation. 4) God wants us to keep walking, trust Him through it, knowing in our hearts that trouble don’t last always and what we will learn in the process is much more valuable than the pain we endured while going through. 5) Remember to focus less on the problem and more on the blessings that you already have, and the journey won’t seem so long and so arduous. Happy Friday everybody!!!

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