The Old Meets The New

I awoke this morning on a college campus. The night before was not pleasant. I remember thinking, “How did I ever think this little bed was comfortable? ” Then I remembered the last time I was in a bed this small I was 20 years younger and WAY smaller. Then as I was getting ready in the bathroom (which is way fancier than I remember a dorm bathroom being lol), I looked in the mirror and I laughed to and at myself. Again my mind went back to yesteryear…. a far away time and place, where I had a head full of hair and anything was possible. So now I sit, watching Aaron walk towards me along with other incoming freshman and I am overwhelmed…with memories, gratitude, and everything else. Even though he has encountered numerous challenges in his life, with God, angels and hard work, he has made it to college.

KPWORLDPIC20 God is good…

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