KP’s Tuesday Truth

Lies are insidious. They slither around from person to person, affecting emotions, relationships, and important decisions, wrecking havoc wherever they go. Fortunately, lies are often exposed. Unfortunately, damage has often occurred, leaving its victims to restore what has been lost. Living an authentic life requires the difficult task of embracing life in it’s entirety, good…

KP’s Garden and Mental Health Awareness

Another “KP’s Garden 2.0” project in the can! Today, I planted marigolds, petunias, dahlias, along with gladiolus bulbs, dahlia bulbs, and elephant ear bulbs.Gardening brings so much joy in my life. It’s an activity I have come to see as therapeutic and necessary for my mental wellness. What are some activities you engage in that…

Sunday Space

So…. I didn’t complete my gardening project yesterday….or my planning….. My Sunday space is full today: gardening, panning, a bath for Kane, a bit of laundry, and Sunday dinner. But you know what? I am happy with it. I am not overwhelmed and excited to get into some flowers. What’s filling your Sunday Space? Whatever…

Monday Devotion With KP

Join me Monday mornings as I read entries from my devotional, Walking With Moo and Other Adventures of Faith. We all need some encouragement during this time, why not encourage each other? Don’t have your copy? Visit either link to purchase your book and read along with me. See you Monday morning! (autographed copies)

Your Children Will Choose A Mate Just Like You. Does That Make You Happy or Sad?

My focus has been to raise godly men and mates, but I haven’t always modeled godly mate-worthy behavior myself: compromise, forgiveness, grace and mercy- all things I am still working on improving in my life.