Kane and God

Kane, my son’s Cane Corso, came into our lives almost 3 years ago. He was my son’s reward for doing well both in school and on the football field. We knew from the beginning taking care of him would be a family affair. But we had no idea the blessing he would be to our lives.

Kane playing in the snow, shortly after arriving to our home (December 2018)

Our lives with Kane started out with us taking care of him. He was so small! We had to make sure we fed him the right food, gave him baths with the right shampoo, attempt to train him (that wasn’t a walk in the park!). He soon found our slippers, tee shirts, remotes, and flower pots and made them his toys. There has not been a dull moment since his arrival.

My flower pot is NOT a toy!
You can’t have people food!

Last year, we moved and Kane became an “outside dog.” We made sure he had comfortable shelter, toys and space to have a good life outside. He seems to enjoy being in nature. And we’re glad he’s happy. Yes, I have holes in my yard and bare spots where grass and flowers used to be, but that’s all a part of life with a dog.

Kane loves his toys!

As time progressed, we began to notice Kane exhibiting behaviors we’d never seen before. He watches for me when I leave the house to go walking. I mean I can look into our yard as I’m walking away and see him watching me. And when I return, he is waiting at the gate for me. Of course, he’s waiting for me to rub his head and play with him for a while before I continue my day. But the way he looks for me warms my heart.

Kane, awaiting my return from my morning walk.

Kane’s barks became different. Most moms can tell you their infant has different barks for different needs. Kane has a bark when he wants our attention, when he’s annoyed at some animal whose running around in the yard, and he has a ferocious bark when someone who is NOT a member of our immediate family enters our driveway. It’s like he is a doorbell alerting us when someone has come to our home.

If we are outside or he is inside, he MUST be close to us, especially our son Bryant, to whom he belongs. He longs to be in physical contact with whomever is in the room. We have blankets and beds for him to sleep on when he comes inside. But most of the time, he ends up lying on Bryant’s bed or right beside it.

Kane and my son Bryant.

The other day, I was walking and thinking about Kane. Then the thought hit me: Kane reminds me of God. Now before you scrunch up your face, just hear me out.

God loves us so much. He wants to make sure we’re doing okay every moment of the day. If he sees danger coming, He will alert us, either through the Holy Spirit, another person or His Word. Kane’s barking always alerts us to something going on outside our home.

God always looks out for us. Most times we don’t even know He’s working on our behalf. Kane is always looking out for us, even when we don’t see him doing it.

God wants nothing more than an intimate relationship with us; prayer, meditation, Bible study, worship, fellowship with other believers is how we become intimate with Him. Kane loves hugs, rubs, and being in our presence. He seems at peace when he’s around us.

We love Kane so much. He’s been more of a blessing to us than we have been to him.

Kane and Bryant taking a walk in our neighborhood.

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