God and P got Me!

Anybody that loves me knows my love languages; say it with me class…. ACTS OF SERVICE AND RECEIVING GIFTS! Anywho, I heard the side door open and close a couple of times and I became alarmed (nosey). I went to the side door and as I was about to open the screen door, water shot by it. I waited until the water stream stopped and opened the door. To be very honest, I expected Aaron to be outside watering my flowers. I asked him to assist me with this task while I’m recovering.

Imagine my surprise when I saw P standing there with the water hose! I smiled like a Cheshire Cat! I opened the door and thanked him for watering my flowers this morning. Then, just like a child, I IMMEDIATELY asked if we could sit outside. He said we could as soon as he ran some early morning errands. And then he said in his quiet, strong voice, “Rest. I got you.”

When you’ve been together for a while you can take your partner for granted. You come to expect that what they do for you is a regular thing. The same thing can be said about our relationship with God. His goodness can become expected and sometimes unappreciated. Sometimes, He has to let us know in our spirit how good He truly is.

This morning, God and P reminded me: Rest KP, we got you✅

OAN: I laid around all week so I think I can sit up for a few minutes today. Let’s see how it goes❤️👍🏾🤓

Peace and blessings,


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