Cherish Good Memories

Last night when Paul got home from work (he has not stopped working since COVID 19 came; he’s considered essential), I had just finished cooking. He sat down in his recliner and I sat opposite him on the couch.

We discussed our day (shipping and mental health), the boys, and plans for Team Pruden Headquarters. After a while, we decided to eat dinner and call it a day.

We laugh at each other a lot. We remember our young days of ripping and running. Now, we may rip a bit but we don’t run 😂

I wanted to capture this moment somehow. I love taking pics because they forever capture moments.

Anywho, why did I share this moment? Crisis and stress can cause couples to implode. It’s much easier to be negative about everything when there is so much going wrong. I encourage us to keep sweet memories like this tucked in our minds and hearts. Pull them out when you need encouragement to keep going. Pull them out when disaster hits, when bitterness creeps up in your heart, when disappointment has you not knowing what to do, think or pray….

And like Mrs. Holloman used to say in church, “I’m not telling you what I heard, I’m telling you what I know.”

Top Pic: Paul and I in 1990
Bottom Pic: Paul and I in 2019

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