The Omelet

This morning I was trying to figure out what I wanted for breakfast. Then a great idea hit me- why don’t I make an omelet? Well, I could think of a reason why that wasn’t such a great thing to do. The last time I attempted an omelet, it didn’t turn out so well. And everyone that knows me knows that I don’t attempt to do things unless I truly believe I will do well. But I pushed past my self-doubt and started this morning’s task of making that omelet. I thought back to the millions of omelets I have witnessed being made at Golden Corral at Chesapeake Square Mall (shout out to J Rock who makes the best omelets in the world!!! Paul and I went there so much, he knew our omelet orders by heart lol) and went to work. And 3 minutes later, there it was, my omelet. I was almost afraid to taste it, for fear that it would taste like crap, so I smelled it first and it smelled ok. So then I tasted it and it tasted just like J Rocks!!! I was very happy and proud of myself that I took the chance to make an omelet and it turned out well. These are the thoughts I had: 1) Sometimes opportunities/dreams will come your way and you may be afraid to venture into that place of newness for fear of failure/looking foolish/being talked about, etc. 2) And then sometimes you try something new and you don’t do well, and it scares you from trying it again; 3) God tells various people in the Bible I think 365 times “Do Not Fear”, so don’t be afraid to try, and try, and try again. Don’t let fear of failure keep you from going after what you know has been spoken in your spirit to do. 4) My experience has taught me that if there is something that He wants you to do, and you run from it, that thing will keep appearing in your life until you deal with it, so you might as well do it the first time He tells you. Don’t be afraid, step out in faith, stay encouraged, and keep the faith, knowing that if He wants you to do it, it will come to pass…

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