Back On Track

After weeks and weeks of neglect, I decided to get back in those flowerbeds again. I looked for my supplies: my gloves, rake, and hand trimmers. I couldn’t find any gloves, but I headed out anyway. I decided to tackle the front beds first, because that’s the part that is most visible. So I pulled grass and trimmed bushes, and placed mulch. I took advantage of the breeze when it came and stood up to enjoy it. Because I had no gloves, my hands started to ache a bit, and after a couple of hours, I realized that I had cut myself, so I decided to stop for today and pit some band-aids on my cuts. I looked at my work so far and was proud of myself.It’s not finished, but I’m proud of my progress so far. These are the thoughts I had: 1) how many times will I go long period of time not tending to my beds? When will I become more consistent? 2) after some thought, I realized that I had given up on my beds because I had broken the electric trimmer weeks earlier, 3) how many times do we find ourselves on the right track, making progress on a goal, only to be side tracked by a minor occurrence? How many times do we give up because working on our goal becomes too hard, we get hurt by others, or we allow other details of life to distract us? 4) the only thing I can say is I’m glad God loves my heathen self, and allows me day upon day to get back up, dust myself off, and try one more day to do what He wants me to do. 5) so if you have found yourself off track, God will help you to get back straight, and even if you get hurt along the way, just rest in God’s breeze, let Him put a band-aid on your heart and feelings, and be proud of your process along the way….enjoy ur holiday!!!

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