Belief Brings Peace

I’m telling you, my mind knows when school is about to begin. Around this time of year, I awaken with my mind racing with a seemingly never ending “To Do” List…and then I write it down…and then I check tasks off as I complete them lol. Anyway, as things have been changing so much in my life lately, you would think that I would have more lists, but just the opposite is true. I have been learning to trust God for everything I need, one day at a time and not try to figure life out too far into the future. However, when I woke up this morning, EARLY, might I add, those lists started churning in my mind. I fell into my routine of thinking for a while and then I pushed myself to get up and go walking. I go into my closet to get my walking clothes and what do I see? The top tier of my and Paul’s clothes had fallen on the bottom tier, I guess from the weight of our clothes. I laughed out loud and said to myself that’s what I get for trying to give Paul more room in the closet. That incident in the past would have had me trying to figure out how to fix it, and I would have ruminated about it, and showed Paul and blamed his clothes for making the pole fall…blah, blah, blah. But instead, I put the clothes on the lounger in the den, got dressed and Moo and I went walking.
So, we are walking our new route and the thoughts rush back. So immediately I pray for peace. And immediately I hear these two things: “Peace is always there, all you have to do is reach out and grab it” and “Belief brings peace.” Wow! I was amazed at that last statement. I had heard the former statement before so I wasn’t shocked when I heard it, but that last statement, shook me to my spirit. These are the thoughts I had after that: 1) It is very important to be able to look back in your life and see progress, no matter how small you think the progress is, so that you can be encouraged to continue working on improving what needs to be improved upon. I was able to let the closet and my To Do lists go this am, and to me, that is a big deal lol; 2) Belief brings peace – that can go two ways. If we believe in our abilities and rely on them solely, we will have peace, but that peace will be fleeting, and we will inevitably be disappointed when our efforts fail. 3) But faith in God will bring peace that as the Word says, the world cannot give (john 14:27) or understand….all we have to do is reach out and grab it….and believe.

Keep striving, keep believing, don’t give up….

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