The Roof

Since school has started back, I have given Moo a sabbatical from walking in the morning. I figured 2 hours of football practice nightly should be enough fitness for a 10 year old at this point. So I waited until the boys were off to school before I set out to walk this morning. A few days ago, I wrote about a neighbor who just had a deck and screen porch built. As I walked past his house this morning, I noticed that now he is getting his roof redone. And the new color is very pretty, it almost matches the deck color. Anyway, I noticed that the workers had already finished the back part of the roof and were now working on the front. And their work looked pretty hard. They had shovels and were scraping the old roof onto the ground, all while striking a balance on the A-Pitch roof. These are the thoughts that came to mind: 1) Sometimes you take a look at your life and you realize that there are some changes that need to be made, so what do you do? 2) You can try to make all of the changes at once, but you will more than likely become frustrated and end up engaging in the same behaviors, because making all those changes at one time can be hard; 3) Or you can slow walk it, make one change at a time, make sure one change is complete before you start another, so that your changes will be long lasting; 4) And while this may take more time, and probably more work and patience, at the end you will have a complete beautiful work, one that God can look upon and say, “Well Done.” I look forward to seeing what my neighbor’s house will look like once the roof is complete; 5) Change can be hard, but it is necessary as we grow as Christians and worth it in the end.

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