Whose On Your Team?

Last night after practice, the boys went upstairs to shower and prepare for bed. I heard Moo scream out, so I ran to the stairs. I asked Moo what was wrong and he told me that he thought he had caught a charliehorse. Aaron ran out of his room and starting working the cramp out of Moo’s leg, right there in the hallway. Aaron told me that everything would be ok, that I could continue prepping dinner for them. So that’s what I did. Shortly thereafter, they came downstairs for dinner. This morning I was thinking about what happened last night and I had these thoughts: 1) I am glad that Moo had aaron to help him, because I didn’t know what to do!! lol; 2) I often speak of Team Pruden, but what does having a team or being on a team really mean? 3) To me, a team is a group of people, not necessarily family, that has a set of agreed upon goals that is consistently worked on by every member. The rules are simple: you love each other, you look out for each other, you help each other and you encourage each other. 4) Look at your life: do you have such a composition of people? People who you could call right now and say, “Pray for me” and you know in your heart they will? Or someone you can count on to share your hopes, dreams, and disappointments with, knowing you won’t hear it again? Or when they tell you they love you, you know they mean it, not just because they say it, but because they have shown it, in good times and bad? 5) If you don’t have such a team, the good news is, you can always develop one, because the Word says such a team is a good idea (Proverbs 18:24), so you can trust God to help you form your team; 6) If you do have such an alliance with others, never take them for granted, because God gave them to you and vice versa; 7) I know I speak of Team Pruden and Team Holley a lot, and people probably think it’s a bragging kind of thing, but it is not. I am extremely grateful for my family and my friends, because we are great teams. We have all laughed together, cried together, prayed together, grieved together, and would do anything for each other. And I know it is only God that created us for each other. 8) So here’s to the Teams that God has given us, may we never take them for granted and be great teammates to each other!!!

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