The Screen Porch

I overslept this morning!!! I think my body knows that Fall is coming and is starting to rebel. Anyway, I only argued with myself a couple of seconds and jumped up and called out to Moo so we could get some kind of walking in before work. I explained to him that because it was so late, we would only go around the small circle twice today. And he was very, very excited about that. Then I explained that we would go around as fast as we could, so that this short workout would be effective; then he wasn’t so excited. We start walking a ways and I notice that our neighbor’s new screen porch/deck had been completed. And man, was it a sight to behold! It made me think of my deck and screen porch, which thanks to time and Moo throwing footballs in the screens, have seen better days. As I was thinking of the contrast in the two, I had these thoughts: 1) which screen  porch best illustrates your relationship with God? 2) The brand new one, all pretty, with tight fitted screens and new lumber, with a beautiful furniture on the inside? 3) Or the older porch, with blowed out screens and furniture that has seen better days? 4) The answer is…..both!!!! It doesn’t matter if your porch is raggedy; you can ask God to help you fix the screens and wash the deck off; 5) You can ask God to help you maintain that beautiful deck and porch as a beacon of light to others; 6) If you look at your relationship with God and it needs some repair, ask Him for help to restore it and he will (Psalm 51:12). If you feel your relationship is on point, ask for continued strength and guidance to stay on the right path (Psalm 91).

To be honest, I was getting ready to write that the beautiful new porch was the better one, but I was led to write what I wrote instead. I hope this has helped someone today, I know it has helped me. Happy Tuesday!!!!

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