For Our Good

Before Moo and I set out to walk this morning, his father informed him that he would be moving up to the next age group in football. And contrary to what I normally do, I decided not to say anything to Moo about it while we were walking. I wanted him to process his feelings about it and then maybe we could talk later. Midway through our walk, Moo made a comment that let me know that he thought that the move up to the older kids would be temporary, that he had a choice of whether he could go back to his age group. So I stopped him and explained that the move was permanent and that our focus had changed; we are still focusing on physical activity and better food choices, only now we are thinking more about maintenance than losing. Moo looked crestfallen as I explained to him what was going on, and while my heart was breaking for him, I knew that as parents we had to step in and make this choice and make it now. Bless Moo’s heart, he was trying to be optimistic. He was naming all the kids he knew in the older age range, I think he was preparing himself emotionally to move up. These are the thoughts I had after we finished our walk today: 1) What has been happening with Paul and I with Moo is often what happens with us and God; 2) We are faced with a choice, and because we have been given the gift of free will, God allows us to choose; 3) Sometimes we make decisions based on emotion, and God still waits for us to change our mind because He knows that out choice will hurt us in the long run; 4) And sometimes He steps in and makes the choice for us; 5) And in that moment, you have 2 choices; you can pout and wallow because you did not get your way, or you could be like Moo, try to find the positive out of the situation, see what God wants you to learn from His saying no, and keep it moving….

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