Head of Household

Work Break Note – I can only speak for myself when I say that I would not want to be the head of a household…now before anyone gets their panties in a bunch – I am speaking as I know it, lived it, and live it now, first with the infamous James Holley, and now with Big P being that position in Team Pruden. I truly understand that that term, if you identify with it, means different things to different people. It is often a thankless job, with a system of people depending on you to not only take care of them but make decisions that impact their day to day existence and their futures as well. One wrong decision can be devastating for not only the HOH, but the family unit as well. So you have to be able to lead, but delegate, make decisions, but defer if necessary, be able to stand being not understood (or hated – how many days did I pray for James Holley to disappear because of his rules??? lol) and still make the best decision for those you have been charged with caring for. It can be scary, crazy, roller coaster ride- like, and every other negative adjective that you can name. But on the flip side, it can be a loving, fulfilling, rewarding, heart bursting with pride when you see your family succeed under your leadership experience as well. Right before he died, my pops and me had some good conversations. He explained that if the family didn’t need for us kids to cut grass to keep the household afloat, he would not have made us do it. And he knew we hated it, but he had to make that decision for the family. So, today I salute all heads of households – keep holding it down, if you believe in God, keep believing and having faith in His plan for your family, and don’t give up, even in hard times….


My original “HOH” James Holley, beside me


My HOH for the last 19 years, Paul Pruden

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