Gardening is My Therapy

If you’re able to, try planting flowers as a new hobby or coping skill to deal with anxious/depressive thoughts. How can gardening help? 

❇️ Increased physical activity during gardening helps improve your overall mood; 

❇️ Gardening helps take your mind off of your issues and helps you focus on creating something beautiful; 

❇️Improves your confidence and self esteem. Seeing your efforts pay off in the form of beautiful blooms improve your life outlook.

Plant some flowers and share your progress. I am here to applaud your new hobby!🌺🌸🌷💐

Today’s project: plant hostas, day lilies, morning glory seeds and gladiolus bulbs around this tee in my yard.
The first steps are to clear away the grass and straw. Then dig holes and drop in the plants and bulbs.
I added miracle grow garden soil and plant food to give my plants, bulbs and seeds a healthy start.
I placed the straw back around the flowers to add some insulation. Stay tuned to see what the summer brings!

Good luck with your flowers!


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