Our Journey Begins

As many people know by now, this is one of my favorite pictures of Aaron. We had him dressed so cute and so 90s! What the pic doesn’t show is that by the time this picture was taken, Aaron was no longer speaking. He was not yet 2 years old.

Our journey started like many other families. At a year old, Aaron was talking; not in complete sentences, but he had a small vocabulary that let us know he was on track developmentally. I will not say that he lost his speech and language all of a sudden, but the loss was unexpected and swift.

We were told that the ear infections he suffered were the culprit. “Remove the fluid and he will regain his speech,” we were told. So Aaron had tubes placed in his ears to drain the fluid. But his speech and language did not return…..until he was 5……#OurLifeOnTheSpectrum #TheEarlyYears #TeamAaron #YouAreNotAlone

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