Self Care Sunday

Good morning! If we are honest with ourselves, we have become more busy than ever. As a result, we have neglected our internal “reset button.” The result has been a society of “unwell” people in every sense: biologically, psychological, and socially. The myth of “busyness” leads us to believe we MUST be doing something all the time in order to be successful or productive.

Let’s flip the script on busyness. Every Sunday, pick at least one activity to engage in that brings you joy, peace, happiness, and satisfaction. Turn your internal “energizer bunny” off. Gather your thoughts for the upcoming week and rest well, knowing that you are prepared for the week ahead.

If you find yourself struggling with finding a restful activity, try one of these:

– Sleep

– A walk around your neighborhood

– Meditation

– Prayer

– Attending a Faith based event

– Brunch with friends


– Playing with your children

– Reading a “guilty pleasure” novel

These are just a few ideas to get you going. Sunday has just started! Pick an activity and enjoy!






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