The Small Things

I really struggled to get out of bed this morning. I mean, really struggled. I laid in bed and argued with myself – that’s how bad I didn’t want to get up. But I pushed myself and Moo to get up and get out the door. And the minute I walked outside, I immediately smiled. For one, it was at least 20 degrees cooler since it rained, so a cool breeze was already blowing. Second, the coolness of the morning further reminded me that Fall is coming, football season is upon us, and our most busiest time of year has started. And third, while that usually makes me cringe on the inside, because I start thinking about all that has to be done and coordinated, this morning I felt non of that. I felt a joy and peace and anticipation – seeing my boys on the field blocking and tackling; seeing Paul coach his kids, something he truly loves, and me just observing it all, tagging along for the ride. Moo and I walked and talked and I enjoyed his telling of odd facts (there is a blood type called Z), enjoyed him being goofy, just enjoyed the whole experience. My only thought from this morning is: Sometimes your life has to be slowed down in order for you to appreciate the seemingly small things. Thank you Lord, for all the small things in my life…….

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