Comfort Food

This summer has been a slow one for Team Pruden. We normally “eat, sleep, and run the road”. That’s what my mom said Paul and I used to do when we were teenagers – and it didn’t stop when we got married and had kids. I think back to when I had Moo at the end of May and we went to Myrtle Beach like 3 weeks later, with me holding a pillow to my stomach!!! I wasn’t even cleared by my doc to drive yet!! Anyway, back to this summer. We have not been able to run around like we normally do. And thank God, I have understanding kids. We explained the situation early on, so they knew what was going on and accepted it. One night, I was at the house alone and I was cooking dinner. The thought came in my mind to cook some biscuits from scratch. Now mind you, I haven’t made homemade biscuits since I lived at home with my parents. But I put my best foot forward – and everybody loved them. So, emboldened by their praise, I tried something a little different. On another occasion, I tried making an apple pastry of sorts, one I named “Apple Whatever”. Again, Team Pruden loved my creation. Since then, I have made my biscuits and “Apple whatever” a time or two more. Last night, I was at home alone again, making dinner. And I had the “hankering” to make some whatevers. And as I was going through the process – making the dough, making the apple concoction, patting dough, etc., it finally hit me: I was making comfort food. We may not be able to do a lot, but I can still give my family memorable experiences through food. And I could finally see and feel why my mom and nana, and countless others, have so much joy in cooking for their family. It doesn’t take a lot of money to cook, and it costs nothing to cook with love. And the feeling you get when your family enjoys your food is truly priceless. Earlier this summer, I wrote about learning about myself, who I am without all the accessories of my life, without all those things I had deemed important. I am continuing to learn that I am still me, but more aware of the simple things in life, that Team P is still Team P, and they love my comfort food…..


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