Flower Sticks and Twist Ties 2

My gladiola blooming season has been poor this year, and I am not sure why. I had only seen two actual blooms so far and had told myself this was a slow year for me. We recently had a few days of straight rain, so I hadn’t been looking after my flower beds. This morning, before I went walking, I walked around my house to check the status of my beds. To my surprise, I saw at least 5 more glads blooming!!! So after my walk, I went around to the other glads that had bloomed and died, pulled the flower sticks and twist ties from them and placed them in the middle of the new blooms so that they will be supported. Earlier in another post, I talked about my gladiolas and how I had to place flower sticks and twist ties near them so that they could have proper support and not droop. I likened that experience to us allowing God to be our twist ties and flower sticks, so that we would always have the support we need from Him. However, as I was placing the sticks and ties I had some additional thoughts about this support system:1) Sometimes we give support to the wrong people, situations, emotions……2) And even after we realize we need to move our support elsewhere, because this situation or whatever the case may be is dead/unresolvable/no longer positive, we remain right there, co-signing foolishness and negativity…..3) Today is a perfect day to pull yourself up out of these situations/emotions/relationships, etc., and allow God to place you where not only you can support something positive, but be supported as well….I can’t explain the joy I felt this morning upon seeing my glads blooming…..imagine the joy you will feel when you finally allow yourself to be a part of something wonderful, instead of something that sucks the life from your soul…..

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