Blessing in Waiting…..

So, like most mornings when I go walking, I wake up with a hankering to go walking…so that’s what I did. And I’m walking and thinking, then trying hard not to think, to just listen to God and enjoy nature….I did all that and then I noticed that my walk was almost over…and I became alarmed. I became alarmed because usually, within seconds or minutes of me setting out to walk, I feel God speaking to me. But today was not the case. Then I thought back to when I first walked outside of my house before I went walking. I walked around the house looking at my flowerbeds to see what shape they were in. I saw new gladiola blooms that were not there before the recent rains we had. And then it hit me. That was when He spoke to me, but I didn’t get it until my walk. This is what I felt like He was saying: 1) Sometimes we are placed in a period of waiting, for whatever reasons God deems we should wait….2) And sometimes, more often than not, we grow tired of waiting and become discouraged, our faith wavering at times…..3) And just when it seems all hope is lost, He will send a reminder that He is still here, He is still working, and He is still in control……But, sometimes, just like my gladiolas, you gotta get a good dose of rain before you can bloom……4) So, if you are like me, and sometimes feeling like you can’t wait another minute, just hold on, endure the rain and watch your blessings bloom, but don’t be so focused on the rain that you miss the blooms!!!

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