My Flowerbeds and The Unfinished House

This is another fb post from 2011…read and be blessed….
Recently, through email and facebook, I shared with people my process of a spiritual awakening and how I likened it to an unfinished house in my neighborhood and my flowerbeds….I would like to add to those analogies with more thoughts, so bear with me:

– So, for the past week, the builders have not been to the house, but before they left last week, I noticed that they put in windows and covered the house with the house wrap. So I wondered why they hadn’t been back, because it seemed like they were on a roll. This week, however, I also started noticing plumbing and electrical people going to the house…for those of you that really know me, you know that my “processor” is a bit slow, so it took me ’til today to figure out that they were doing the plumbing and electrical work, so the other construction guys couldn’t come back until the plumbing and electrical work was done…..So this morning, two things struck me: 1 – Even when you don’t know what’s going on, God knows the plans and is always working behind the scenes to build your life (to his specs), and 2- God doesn’t build things backwards – He has to build your life in order, according to His will, so even when things seem out of order, out of control… hold tight, the plumber and electricians are coming!!!

– So, this morning, after I walked, I came back to the house and walked around it, surveying my infamous flower beds lol To my dismay, grass is growing back in some areas!!! I really hate that, because this grass is crazy…it grows everywhere and has no respect for my flowers!!! So I realized that I had to pay more attention to the beds – just because I went through them the last 4 weeks and cleaned them out, that doesn’t mean that I can just ignore them again, they need constant attention and maintenance – The grass represents sin and how if you start to deal with it in your life, then you get sidetracked or think you have conquered it, it will rear its ugly head…so I gotta stay diligent through my spiritual journey, cuz da enemy NEVER takes a break – I don’t want my spiritual flowerbed to get choked with sin like it had before – thanks for reading, those of you that do – I hope this blesses everyone – take care, and until next time……….

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