What My Flowerbeds Have Taught Me

This is a Facebook from 2011….

So, I had not been able to tend to my flower beds this year due to being busy/being sick/being lazy, so about 3 weeks ago, I decided to start the process of cleaning them out……and boy, what a mess!!! As I was cleaning them out, the thought came to me that the flower beds represent my spiritual journey this year…so please bear with me as i try to explain what is in my mind and heart….

– I quickly realized that this task of cleaning out the flower beds was too big to tackle at once so I devised a plan to divide the task into sections and gave myself time frames in which to complete each section (I realized that my spiritual life was sorely lacking and I wanted to get back on track, so I came up with a “spiritual plan” so I could be more successful in my walk with God – pray daily, study weekly, start back listening to gospel music on the way to work, etc)

 – As I started working on my flower beds, I quickly realized that I had been so neglectful of my beds that grass was everywhere, flowers were being choked by the grass, and I needed to spread mulch to liven up the look of the beds (I had neglected my spiritual life to the point that I stopped praying as often, my thought life was constant war of negativity, and I needed to do something….quick!)

– So I started digging and pulling grass and quickly discovered that the grass roots were long and deep and didn’t easily come up…I needed gloves to keep from hurting my hands…and I still ended up with calluses (unconfessed sin had become rampant in my life, blocking blessings, affecting my relationships with others, so I confessed my sins and started back praying regularly…however, we have to still suffer consequences of sin, but with God’s help, i doesn’t hurt as much

– As I completed each section (I have done 2 sections already), I stood and looked and was proud of what I was able to accomplish and thanked God for being able to do it – ( As I was becoming more rejuvenated in God, I was thankful that I had set out on this journey of renewal, and I thanked God for the mercy and grace to do so)

– There are some spots in my flower bed that are just plain stubborn; no matter how much roundup I put on it, the grass would not come up, so I put mulch on it anyway and kept it moving, cuz I want to appreciate the overall beauty of the flower bed (There are still some habits/attitudes that no matter how much I pray, I still have, so I’m covering myself with the blood of Jesus and I’ma keep moving, cuz I know that He will deliver me from it, but I can’t focus my attention on the negative stuff all the time, or I will never appreciate all the wonderful stuff He has done for me

– There have been times during this task that I didn’t want to get out of bed and get in those flower beds, but I had to keep pushing myself and now I can say that I am so thankful for this time I have had in my flower beds, because they have taught me so much about faith, perseverance, grace and mercy- now when I get out of my car after work, I look at what I’ve done so far, and I smile and am proud of myself and am determined to not let them get so neglected again (Now that I am committed to my renewal in Christ, I am glad that I didn’t give up at times when my mind was under attack from the Enemy and I kept pushing through, because I can look back and see some progress I’ve made thus far and will keep going)

I hope this has been uplifting to you guys.. take care and until next time……………

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