So, last night I went to bed and I prayed, “God, please wake me up at 6, so I can walk and cut some bushes.” So promptly at 6, He woke me up, and then I prayed, “God, please let me sleep one more hour.” So He did, and I woke up promptly at 7….and I went outside to cut down so more of the jungle I call my flowerbeds….and in true country form, I plugged the trimmer into a plug on the screened in… back porch and then put the cord through a hole in one of the screens and went to work lol……and I was working diligently, cutting leaves and branches from these monster bushes….and sometimes it was easy – the leaves and branches almost seemed to fall off themselves…and sometimes it was hard – I had to stay on some of the bushes a longer period of time due to my neglect, the bushes were harder to cut through and had even integrated with the lilies in front of them….and like Honey Brown, I heard an pop and then saw smoke….when I looked down at the trimmer, I realized that I had accidentally cut the cord!!!! My first reaction was to cuss real loud (might as well be honest)…then I unplugged the cord from the trimmer and put it back though the hole in the screen…just as I was climbing the stairs to the deck, I had a realization: He wants to see how I am gonna react in this situation – so I went inside and like a child in trouble, looked real sad and told P that I had cut the cord – and in true Big P fashion, he told me that it was no big deal, cords are cheap and we could get another one….I tried to have a pity party, but it didn’t last too long lol….anywho, these are the thoughts I had before I cussed real loud in my yard this morning – 1) when sin/dysfunctional behavior/bad habits have a stronghold in your life, they can be like my bushes, overgrown and interrupting the growth of the flowers around it….2) When you make the decision that with God’s help, you want to release those strongholds, know that the process is not always easy, and sometimes you may have to stay in a place you may not want to stay, and work harder (with God) to be free…..3) And sometimes, people, places, and things will throw you off your path, your purpose, your desire to having a better life in Christ…..4) But that’s ok too, because all you have to do is go to Him with a repentant heart, so He can welcome you back, and continue the work that He has begun……So, if you have fallen off your path, your purpose, it’s ok to acknowledge that; God always takes you back, always loves you, and always wants the best for you…just don’t give up…..See More

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