My Struggle, Your Peace

Picture it……

My hubby, Paul, and I were newly married with a baby on the way, just 22 years old. All we knew was we were in love and having a baby.

Two years after this pic was taken, Autism arrived on the scene and EVERYTHING changed for us. Twenty plus years ago, a lot less was known about autism. As young parents, we did the best we could.

We prayed. We sought information. We planned. We gathered our village. We fought.

Aaron struggled. He succeeded. We struggled as a family. However……

✅ He received every service he was entitled to and needed to thrive at home and school;

✅ Aaron was able to transition from high school to college seamlessly;

✅ We were able to create a collaborative atmosphere that fostered success rather than the “us against the school” atmosphere that sometimes occurs.

Our struggle doesn’t have to be your struggle. You can benefit from the knowledge I gained over 20 plus years of successful autism advocacy.

💙Visit to learn more about how autism advocacy can benefit your family.💙

My husband Paul and I

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