Joyce Meyer just gave me a great reminder to do this. I have often asked couples in couples therapy to engage in this exercise. Do it with me!

Choose 3 of your significant other’s best qualities and write them down. These current times are causing a strain on all relationships, especially marriages. It can become difficult to remember why you fell in love in the first place. By taking another loving look at you SO, hopefully you can SEE them and remember…… I’ll go.. Three of P’s Best Qualities

1) P is fun! He knows how to have a good time and if you’re with him, he makes sure you’re taken care of and having fun too. He balances out my seriousness;

2) He listens….even when I don’t think he’s listening. Then boom! Here comes a gift, a trip, a piece of gum…something that reminds me of a conversation we had I had forgotten…but he hadn’t.

3) P is calm….most of the time. He takes his time to think things through. Me? I pray, think, and move…quickly (a Holley trait 😂). He balances my anger, anxiety, and loudness😂. But if he feels he or his family are threatened, he is NOT CALM!

This is not “my spouse is perfect “ post. This is “despite everything going on right now, I know these things to be true about my spouse” post.

Look at your husband/wife. SEE them again. Remember…. Share some good things about your spouse❤️ #marriageisagoodthing

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