Do It Afraid

Moment of Transparency: My cousin Monk mentioned the other day that she drove 12 hours for a cousin’s gathering a few weeks ago. I immediately chuckled, not only because we had a great time, but also because I had another “Do it afraid” moment.

Everybody that knows me well knows this fact: if it’s hard or taxing, I don’t want to do it. That includes driving more than an hour from my house. It’s not that I CAN’T drive that far; I just don’t WANT to. I can count the times on one hand that I have driven 4-5 hours somewhere. And thanks to P, I never really had to.

Anywho, when I received the invite for the cousins gathering, the first thought I had was, “Man, that’s all the way in Maryland.” But then I decided I would go. The timing was perfect. Moo had nothing to do lol. So off I went. The ride was uneventful. I enjoyed riding and listening to music, anticipating seeing my female cousins after a couple of years. Then it happened. My GPS alerted me to slow traffic and suggested a less congested route. I started to take the less congested route, but then I heard clear as day, “Keep going”, so I did. Now here is where the “Do it afraid” moment comes.

Navigating a large SUV through downtown DC seemed like a poor choice, at least at first. I hadn’t thought this decision all the way through. I forgot the traffic lights are not where I normally expect them to be. I forgot about the narrow streets/ parking outside of the many blocks of row houses. I stayed alert the entire time, but memories also flooded my mind: being able to stand on my Uncle Roosevelt’s porch and see JFK stadium; playing with my next door neighbor as a little girl in our own row house in SE; my parents basement parties that Dexter Holleyand I would sneak down to witness, even though we were supposed to be sleep…you get the picture.

Eventually, I made it out of downtown and on towards Muryland, as my cousins call it. I made it to a kickass trunk show, spent my lunch money, and surprised my cousins with my presence. This was my first cousins event, they didn’t think I was coming 😂.

Why did I share this? I want to encourage you and myself to listen to your inner being (conscious, Holy Spirit, however you relate to your inner self) and move forward. You will not always have a plan. You will be afraid. There will be obstacles. But I am a witness that He will lead you the entire way, give you strength to complete His plan, and you will be stronger on the other side.





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