Stop, Look, and Listen

As is my custom on Sunday, I was ironing the boy’s clothes this morning, in the quiet of the day. I began to think about this time that I spend of Sunday and how it has become special to me. It is a time when there is no sound, nobody calling my name, or looking to see if I cooked lol…it’s just me and the iron. And in my life experience, these are the times that God speaks to me. We live such busy lives that it can be so easy to cast these times aside, thinking that we will have alone time with God sometime later. And the times becomes later and later. And then a calamity comes….AND THEN WE REMEMBER GOD. We seek Him in a mighty way then, bless our hearts. After ironing clothes, I sat and watched Charles Stanley and he talked about the benefits of solitude with God and he was so on point. As I was listening to him list the benefits of time alone with Him, I heard clear as day, “Stop, Look, and Listen.” This is what I got from that “God Whisper” – 1)Stop – We should stop everyday and spend time with God so that, as Charles Stanley shared, we can have a more productive day, strength for the tough days, and to listen to what He will speak to your spirit; 2) Look – instead of looking to worldly ways of having a fulfilled life, a faith-filled life, a happy life, He wants us to look to Him to fill us, to fulfill us, to sustain us in all things. And to look to Him in full expectation that what we ask in His will, He will give us. Are we not instructed in the Word to seek God first and the everything else will be added? 3) Listen – this is so important! Time spent with God not only means asking for things, it also means listening to what He is telling us. I am working on not saying “What?” when He tells me to do something or not do something. At these times, He speaks so clear, it’s as if He is sitting right next to me. And usually, I’m hearing something I don’t want to do or or stop doing lol. But I have learned and have to keep reminding myself that being obedient to that voice has NEVER steered me wrong. So, make up in your mind today, along with me,to make more time to STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN – our lives will never be the same….

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