I have a confession to make….I am like Jay-Z says, “I got no patience and I hate waiting…” My friends and especially Team Pruden (my husband Paul and my sons Aaron and Bryant, aka “Moo”) can share with you a gazillion stories that usually end up with me yelling “Hurry up!”.. I know that I am supposed to be patient, that patience is a virtue and a fruit of the Spirit that I am supposed to work towards…and sometimes I work on it, but life taught me a while ago that when you pray for patience, He will give you something to be patient about, so..lol….anywho, I am also a person that rarely takes my own advice, another trait that people often laugh at me about…I have often advised people to slow down, take it easy, take care of your health, look at the positive aspects of your life and be grateful, and the one I really don’t listen to- Learn the lesson He wants you to learn, so that you can be released from your trial; you won’t be released until you learn it…

Fast forward to the present day….I ran myself ragged for a good while, not slowing down and taking care of myself and my health has paid the price, so now I am WAITING for the restoration of my health…I struggle at times to see the positive aspects of my life, so now I am, on purpose, making sure that each day I remind myself that being alive is it’s own greatest reward and WAITING for that proverbial “Light at the end of the tunnel”……But most importantly, I am truly listening to God during this time, so that I can learn the lessons that He is patiently trying to teach me….sometimes I can be a very difficult pupil, but He has accommodated me this time so that I have no choice but to listen, and learn……and WAIT…

So, without me asking Him to teach me, He is slowly teaching me to wait….WAIT on Him, trust in Him and not my capabilities…WAIT on His timing, His blessings…..

So, take it from me, if you hear God whispering for you to do something or not to do something, listen and take heed…you want to be obedient when He whispers, not when He has to make you listen….

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